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Recognized as a leading pundit of the embedded industry, Markus Levy is putting his skills to work in several key activities. Specifically, he is the founder and president of the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC). He is also president of The Multicore Association and chairman of Multicore Developer Conference.

In his role as president of EEMBC, Markus has successfully brought together the majority of processor and tool vendors of the embedded industry to derive the industry standard for embedded processor and system benchmarking. Founded in 1997, EEMBC has grown to more than 50 members, and its benchmarks are now used by more than 500 corporate licensees and 75 world-wide universities.

As president of the Multicore Association, Markus works with pioneers of the embedded multicore processor industry to deliver industry standards that will enable rapid development of portable applications for systems employing multicore technology. Out of this activity grew the need for the annual Multicore Expo, a technical conference and exhibition that represents all major aspects of the multicore, embedded graphics, and multimedia ecosystem.

Markus was previously a senior analyst at In-Stat/MDR and a senior editor at EDN magazine, focusing in both roles on processors for the embedded industry. In his role as senior analyst, Markus delivered numerous technical seminars and training sessions, and prepared highly influential reports on a wide variety of processor technologies.

Markus Levy began his career in the semiconductor industry at Intel Corporation, where he served as both a senior applications engineer and customer training specialist for Intel's microprocessor and flash memory products. As a customer training specialist, Levy provided product training for customers around the globe covering in-depth subjects such as programming and debugging for x86 and 8087 processors. As an applications engineer for Intel's flash memory division, Levy was part of a team that helped to make flash a mainstream technology. In this role, Markus received several patents for his ideas related to flash memory architecture and usage as a disk drive alternative. Markus is also the co-author of Designing with Flash Memory, the one and only technical book on this subject.

Markus lives and works in the California Sierra foothills, where he volunteers as a firefighter and EMT and thoroughly enjoys rushing to calls with the lights flashing and siren blaring.


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